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Sri Lanka – Tour Recce Day 1


Every day the local fishermen leave for the sea along the Hamilton Canal, which was built in the 1700’s by the Dutch in order to link Negombo to Colombo. They return from the Indian Ocean to a salt water lagoon where they beach their small multi coloured fishing boats to empty the nets.

The local women help by taking the fish from the nets and loading them into wicker baskets. The catch is then taken to the fish market on the shore to sell to locals and small restaurants. This tradition has been ongoing for many years.

The Negombo lagoon and fish market is rarely visited by holidaymakers and offers a privileged insight into the culture of coastal Sri Lanka.

By the time the fishermen return to empty their catch, the sun is high in the sky and very harsh. Both these images were captured close up with a wide angle lens and a smile, from the more than willing subjects. They show the age of the people who still work tirelessly every day in this manner in order to make a living. Their skin is weathered and sun baked and signs of the decades of hard work can clearly be seen. These portraits with their captivating eye contact perfectly sum up the indigenous people of this area.



The above images were taken with Canon 1DX MK2, Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L at f5.6, 1000th/s, 24mm focal length and f4.5 at 2500th/s, 57mm focal length respectively.



The Negombo fishermen of Sri Lanka return home on their boat from the lagoon along the Hamilton Canal after emptying their nets and selling their catch.

The above image was taken with Canon 7D MK2, Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS L at f2.8, 6400th/s, 200mm focal length.

Using f2.8 and full zoom of 200mm it was possible to isolate the oncoming boat from the detail surrounding it. The boat was framed off centre to the right in order to show the canal side and local pedestrians as well as a view behind them. Focal point was selected and switched to the right hand side of the viewfinder with SERVO Focus tracking in operation to lock onto the oncoming boat.


A herd of elephants cross the road from a large lake and into the jungle at Wilpattu Game Reserve, Sri Lanka. Due to the lack of small watering holes the herd, in excess of 30 including young elephants, has taken to drinking and cooling off in larger lakes that they would normally avoid. This is the largest herd seen by the game driver and conservationist for years. Two days earlier safari goers were treated to viewing the birth of an elephant by the side of the road. Wilpattu has not long re-opened after being closed for 30 years following violence perpetrated by gun smugglers who used the roads to transport their contraband inland from the ocean. The reserve has more dense bush compared to other safari reserves in Sri Lanka such as Yala.

The above images were taken with Canon 1DX MK2, Sigma 150-600mm ‘s’ from a vehicle with the lens supported on a bean bag at f6.3, 640th/s, 430mm focal length. Due to the harsh afternoon light, exposure compensated by -0.7 stop.


Both locations for these images form part of tours operated by Plus One Photo Tours where guests are taken to less touristic areas in order to give a true flavour of the country, it’s culture and way of life, offering the opportunity to capture lasting images which are not normally achievable by the regular holidaymaker.