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Sri Lanka – Tour Recce Day 5


An early morning start was needed to arrive at Hortons Plain just before sunrise. Here the temperature is much cooler due to the elevation, which means that low lying cloud flows through the valley and a diffused sun is almost on a horizontal level. This was the perfect time to capture a silhouette of a Barking Deer. The deer roam wild on the plain and fortunately a curious one decided to greet us as we parked the car.

This image was taken after many attempts to run ahead, crouch and compose the shot as the deer walked ahead. Eventually it fell into place and an added bonus was the tree in the background. The shot was framed at ground level with the sun purposely partially covered by the deer’s antlers to avoid lens flare. Conversion to black and white in processing was chosen to give a more dramatic capture.

Taken with Canon 1DX MK2, Canon 24-70mm f2.8 at f5, 6400th/s and ISO250. Exposure compensation at -0.3stop.


Yala Game Reserve measures some 34,000 acres and is home to around 60 leopards, elephants, crocodiles, deer and many species of bird. It is a much more open and rocky environment compared to that of Wilpattu, which we visited earlier in the week. An afternoon game drive gave the opportunity to photograph a green bee-eater which was perched alone on a branch.

This image was composed slightly left of centre as the bird is facing left to right, this was to give the subject space to ‘look into’.

Taken with Canon 1DX MK2, Sigma 150-600mm ‘S’ at f6.3, 500th/s and ISO400. Exposure compensated by -0.3stop. Lens supported on the side rail of a game jeep at a focal length of 569mm.


Both locations for these images form part of tours operated by Plus One Photo Tours where guests are taken to less touristic areas in order to give a true flavour of the country, it’s culture and way of life and offering the opportunity to capture lasting images which are not normally achievable by the regular holidaymaker.